Beautiful vacation in Stockholm

Are you interested of a long stay in Stockholm?

People who have visited Stockholm always find them selves to longing back to the capital of Sweden.  The most striking thing is the waterfront with promenades and the abundance of small harbors.

It is necessary with a long stay in Stockholm to have time to explore everything you want to see.

The city is made up of 14 islands where freshwater flows out into the Baltic sea from Mälaren. Along this is there about 30 thousands of small islands in the Archipelago of Stockholm only a ferry-ride away.

The most common way to stay besides hotels is to rent apartment Stockholm, it enables you to control your vacation better regardless if it is a short or a longer stay.

The different islands of Stockholm is connected with bridges and walkways that is making it a joy to bike or walk around in the summer. There is also lots of different tours by boats or bus so you don’t have to miss anything.

It is easy to experience adventures in Sweden because there is lots to choose from. The city Stockholm is one of the more greener capitals you will ever see, there is lots of leafy parks with bike paths, outdoor gyms by lakes or fountains.

There is about 400 parks in Stockholm where swedes like to spend the larger part of the days outdoors, sunbathing, running och playing. Workers often bring their lunch and eat it on the lawn enjoining the sun.

There are lots of museums, galleries and restaurants that you can visit, the Vasa museum is a popular location there an old wooden ship is salvaged. The ship sank before its maiden voyage due to a stability test that went wrong.

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